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Behind The Scenes At ContractorWebsites.ca

What We Do

We deliver revenue-generating and sales optimized website and digital marketing solutions for the Canadian construction & trades industry.

The Alberta construction industry is worth more than $24 billion/year (2019), yet 70% of commercial and industrial construction companies lack a web presence.
There are over 30,000 registered contractors in the province, but only 40% have a website with contact information.

ContractorWebsites.ca can help your business succeed by providing expert web design, estimating automation, and sales optimization.

About Page intro pic We create high-performing websites for the construction industry.
contractorwebsites.ca digital marketing We create high-performing websites for the construction industry.

How We Do It

Without proper sales management, operation in construction is extremely difficult, often leading to significant financial loss.

Our software and services act as a central hub for receiving new estimates, tracking leads, and recording the status of current projects. Our systems increase efficiency in your sales process, so your sales team can close more deals.

ContractorWebsites.ca specializes in helping Alberta’s construction companies increase their profits by providing sales and project management automation tools to streamline the process.

Construction needs to modernize

Our industry is behind the times  and needs to begin using the internet and automation to its full potential.

We focus on adding functional and revenue-generating automation to your website to free up the time of your estimators, project managers, and crews.

We understand the construction sales funnel

Our careers were in the construction industry in various roles from estimating, to project management and sales management.

We understand the pains and problems that come with getting new business in an efficient manner.

We have seen hard-working people lose business because their strategy is antiquated

Over 70% of Alberta construction companies don’t have an online presence. This costs them lost business from clients who are now shopping online to find and hire their contractors.

We help you create a successful website that maximizes your traffic and converts more prospective leads into paying customers.

We love the construction industry

While we are a web design and digital marketing agency, we still consider ourselves a part of the construction industry.

We are a community of builders with extraordinary vision and work-ethic, from which cities and societies are built.

What’s not to love about that?

Your Vision. Our Mission.

Why We Do It

As a construction company, competing in Alberta’s competitive marketplace can be tough. With so many options and competitors it can be difficult to stay ahead of the game.

Getting your construction business to the next level can be a challenge.
You’ve got so much to do and now someone is asking you to learn how to code? We have been there.

If only it was easier to work with an expert web designer, who knew all about construction and the sales process…

This is why we built ContractorWebsites.ca, the answer to modernizing construction services online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have the ability to add and edit content if you choose to.
We provide a basic content management system with every website we create that allows the owner to publish their own posts.

Nope! There are no setup costs for the maintenance plan, there are no cancellation fees, and our door is always open should you decide to come back to the plan.

If you decide to decline our support plan, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Here are the main risks of not being under our support plan:

• The site will not be optimized which leads to poor performance, slow loading times, and a loss of SEO rankings.
• You’ll have no backups or restore points, so if the site gets hacked you could lose all your data, pages, and Google ranking.
• The leading cause of hacking and website vulnerabilities is the lack of updating of the website’s tools, protocols, and plugins. It’s incredibly important to keep your website up-to-date on the latest security protocols and updates.
• Most importantly, you won’t have a local webmaster to help you with issues, updates, and other things you may want to do with your website. You will most likely need to contact your hosting company’s support line, which can be tedious to say the least.

If your site gets hacked while you’re on the plan, we’ll take care of cleaning the site of malware and vulnerabilities, and get you rolling again at no extra cost to you.
This is a low-probability scenario. We have had ZERO breaches across the sites that are on our maintenance plan.

Your website stays live when we do our monthly maintenance rounds.
We push all updates to a staging site first to check for incompatibilities and errors, and when it’s all clear, the updates go to your live site.

We don’t recommend it.
Some updates interfere with the code of the site and may crash it.
If this happens and you are not notified, who knows how long it will be down and how many customers are unable to reach you.

Yes. We offer webmaster and support services for people who like their current website but don’t like managing it or can’t manage it themselves.
If you already have hosting and a design set up, we can manage the site on our support plan.
Contact us with more details and we will provide a custom rate and package.

Nope. There is no contract for our website support plan, and you can cancel any time you wish.
Our plan is billed at the start of each month, and we can prorate the billing if you need to cancel halfway through the month.

You can cancel the support plan at any time. There are no penalties for cancellation.
However, your site may not remain online if you don’t transfer it to a new server or host.
If you already own your website and have separate hosting, and hired us to manage that site, your website remains online without interruption. At the end of the support plan, you become responsible again for all your website’s edits, troubleshooting, maintenance, management, and security.

If your site is hosted with us, you will need to transfer it to a separate hosting provider. We will assist you in the process.

When we say updates, we mean security fixes and updates to the protocols of the site.
The support plan does not include the following:

  • Content updates (blog posts, new pages, editing/adding content)
  • Social media posts
  • Redesign of elements

If you need a social media or content plan, contact us for a customized strategy.

No. We only do month-to-month.
This is because we want you to feel free to cancel or put the services on hold, without being tied to an annual contract.

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Boost your sales and estimating profits with a low-cost investment in website design and online sales automation tools.

CTA About new 1 We create high-performing websites for the construction industry.

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